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New Zebra Printers Offer Industrial Printing Solutions

If your business relies on industrial barcode printing, there is no room for error. You need a high-quality printer that can keep up with your business needs reliably. With the new generation of Zebra barcode printers arriving soon, what can you expect? The new line of printers is offering new industrial printing solutions to keep up with your business. The most powerful printer in the new line is the ZT600 series. What features are included with this printer, and how do they affect your business?

Industrial Printing Solutions

The ZT600 series printer offers more features than any other Zebra industrial printer. Take a look at the video to explore some of the capabilities that make this printer stand out, such as its ability to print labels as small as 3 mm squared and effectively communicate with your devices. If you haven’t already, take some time to watch the previous video, ZT600 Series Overview, to learn more about the features included in this line of printers.

Need to Know More?

The ZT600 is a powerful industrial barcode printer, but what if your company doesn’t need all of the features included? Take a look at the other videos in this series. You’ll learn about other printers in the new line of Zebra products and what printer will best suit your needs. Looking for printing help? Contact Bar Code Direct. We are a Zebra partner and we can help you with all of your industrial printing.

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