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Zebra Printer Repair: Call The Barcode Professionals

Barcode printers are business critical. Without them humming along, your process will come to a standstill until they’re back online. While fixing it yourself may sound like a more economical solution, remember that downtime is expensive. Not to mention, you have a dozen other things to do before going home today. Learn why you should call up our Zebra printer repair technicians.

We’re one of 900 Zebra-authorized printer repair and service locations.

Our technicians are not your average Joes. In fact, we have 3 in-house technicians that meet Zebra Technologies’ rigorous new service standards. They’ll get the job done right the first time, so you continue doing what you do best. Not to mention, we have a variety of spare parts on hand, which means that we can get the job done faster.

Our technicians can be on-site within hours.

Time is money, and our technicians want to help you get your printers back online as fast as possible. Printers are different from other barcoding equipment you have around the warehouse. Unlike a mobile computer or scanner, you can’t box up your printer and mail it to the depot for repairs. Each printer weighs between 50 to 100 pounds; therefore, technicians need to come to you. Bar Code Direct’s techs can get anywhere in New England in a matter of hours.

We provide on-going maintenance to ensure the accuracy of your labels.

Barcode technology has improved drastically over the past few years. Scanners can read barcodes from up to 50 feet away, and can even make out the smallest labels on vaccine vials. Maintaining your printers’ health is essential for the accuracy of your information. Why? Because poorly printed labels render even the best barcode scanners useless.

The benefits of on-going maintenance

Investing in your assets has a lot of perks, including:

  • Your printer’s lifespan will increase as a result of performing regular health checks.
  • Your printer software is constantly up to date.
  • Your inventory levels will be more accurate, thanks to properly printed barcodes.
  • You will save money on costly, last-minute repairs.
  • You will eliminate the need to hire in-house technicians.

We can pull a few strings to answer even the most complex network support issues.

Unfortunately, the good ol’ “unplug and plug back in” technique doesn’t always do the trick. After all, isn’t that why you called for backup in the first place? Our technicians are used to working in custom environments, so no problem is too large. Bar Code Direct prides itself on providing its customers with unique barcoding solutions that you can’t get off the shelf or out of the box. And while we have vast repair experience, sometimes we have to phone a friend. Zebra service partners have access to Zebra’s engineers and network design teams, allowing us to solve even the toughest challenges.

Are you looking for professionals to help fix your broken printer? Are you being proactive to prevent something going wrong with your equipment? Contact Bar Code Direct today to learn how our team can help ensure maximum uptime for your operation.

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Bar Code Direct Changes Name to Peak Technologies, LLC

Bar Code Direct is excited to announce that we are in the process of changing our name to Peak Technologies, LLC. 

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