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Zebra Barcode Printer Roadmap: When to Buy Yours

The new line of Zebra barcode printers has been announced, and the release of the printers is approaching quickly. For some businesses, this may bring up some questions. When can you buy the new printers? How long will the old printers be on the market? What do you do if your old Zebra printer needs to be replaced? The video below will provide you with a roadmap to the new series and help you understand what can be expected in the upcoming months.

Looking to Learn More?

The introduction of a new series of printers may be leaving you looking for more information. What features does the new generation have, and how are they an improvement over the old series? Be sure to take a look at the other videos in the series; they were made to help you learn all about the new printer software, setup, and great new features.

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