Why Your Business Needs Bar Code Direct’s Help Desk

Are you tired of relying on spreadsheets and outdated ways of logging your important data and keeping track of assets?  If you think your business could benefit from a comprehensive helpdesk suite then it’s time to seriously consider partnering up with Bar Code Direct.  Not only can we improve upon asset visibility, but do so while reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

Helpdesk Software Can Prevent Lost Revenue

All too often businesses make the critical mistake of deciding not to go for helpdesk software and instead rely on manually entering data into spreadsheets that are inherently prone to human error and rely on people to constantly update.  It doesn’t take much to lose track of a couple of assets or not enter a call or two and before you know, everything is outdated and you’re left cleaning up the mess.  Whether you realize it or not, you’re losing productivity and lowering your overall efficiency and this all boils down to lost revenue.

How Much is Your Time Actually Worth?

Bar Code Direct utilizes a robust online helpdesk service that not only stays up to date and keeps track of your company’s most vital assets, but can also track a host of additional resources that will not only save you money but will make your customers happy and coming back for more business.  Bar Code Direct can offer your business peace of mind and organization in a fast-paced, technology-driven, and often chaotic world.  While you may not immediately realize the cost savings of our helpdesk software, when you consider how much time your employees have to spend fixing inaccurate spreadsheets you start to see how much money your time is actually worth.

Helpdesk Provides Useful Insights

Bar Code Direct can help organize, provide insight into trends, and identify and prevent issues before they become problematic.  Our software helps to analyze your information to build a knowledgebase that can learn and identify recurring issues and common problems that you can change to improve your company’s efficiency.  Identifying trends and recognizing problems early can help limit the damage they may cause and by taking steps to avoid such issues, you can help protect your company’s profitability and productivity.  A key benefit of Bar Code Direct’s helpdesk software is its reporting function.  Whether you want to create your own reports and have them run at a set schedule or create your own custom reports whenever you want, the ability to monitor and track assets and issues will help eliminate overhead and wasted time by putting all the information at your fingertips.

Does Your Business Need This Technology?

You may think this is overkill and far more technology than you believe your business needs but know that we can customize our offerings to perfectly suit whatever your needs are.  Whether you want something simple like asset-tracking or a more comprehensive and dedicated ticket-generating help desk line, Bar Code Direct can offer the perfect solution for you.


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Bar Code Direct Changes Name to Peak Technologies, LLC

Bar Code Direct is excited to announce that we are in the process of changing our name to Peak Technologies, LLC. 

Bar Code Direct joined the Peak Technologies portfolio one year ago, and over this time we have focused on leveraging the strengths and resources of Peak Technologies’ growing portfolio of companies to increase our solutions offering, geographic presence, and partner ecosystem to better serve our customers.  As we transition to the new Peak Technologies name, we will be updating our website to better reflect our collective end-to-end capabilities including an extensive portfolio of digital supply chain, mobility and retail solutions.