Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale Distribution is not an easy business to say the least. You can never be efficient enough. Using technology to separate yourself from the competition and grow your bottom line is crucial. Let Bar Code Direct customize a mobile warehouse management system that is focused solely on increased productivity and efficiencies associated with your wholesale distribution processes. If your distribution process involves temperature-sensitive products, our cold chain logistics experts can get your products safely from Point A to Point B without sacrificing quality.

  • Support your field sales and service teams with real-time data on inventory and product availability, all managed from a central hub.
  • Improve outbound order fulfillment and customer satisfaction with fast and accurate assembly, packing, and labeling
  • Manage inbound receivables to reconcile orders and facilitate efficient sorting and storage
  • Equip warehouse employees with scanners configured with specialized applications to quickly pinpoint the materials and items they need
  • Manage in-house assets; minimize loss, theft and shrinkage
  • Install wireless sensors for end-to-end supply chain temperature monitoring
  • Track your fleet to ensure personnel safety and manage vehicle maintenance; plan routes and schedules more strategically
  • Access real-time temperature and location data of your cold chain through a single online dashboard

With an enterprise warehouse management system from Bar Code Direct, you can find it, pack it, and get it to your customers quickly and efficiently.




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