If your in-store retail systems are distracting you from your real business—selling profitable products to satisfied customers—Bar Code Direct can help. We can build an enterprise wireless inventory management system that’s easy to use and simple to integrate into your day-to-day operations, helping you create the retail experience that keeps your customers coming back.

WE Can help you:
  • Ensure availability of product on the shelf
  • Manage pricing
  • Print shelf labels
  • Track and control inventory
  • Increase security and reduce shrinkage
  • Streamline order fulfillment
  • Protect customer information
  • Automate payment systems
  • Improve staff communication
  • Enhance customer satisfaction

Improve communication both in-store and in-warehouse with a two-way radio system. Each system seamlessly syncs with in-store call buttons, allowing customers to reach employees when they need them the most. Two-way radio capabilities also enable your employees to effectively and efficiently communicate no matter where they are in your warehouse. And with a CRM tablet application from Bar Code Direct, your store associates can execute your omni-channel initiatives, increasing sales and loyalty with your best customers.




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