Bar Code Direct can help you track and manage all the moving parts in your manufacturing operations, from your employees and raw materials to your inventory of finished products and your customer deliveries and orders. Let us build you a custom wireless mobile computing system to manage the complex processes in play every day at your plant and out in the field.

WE Can help you:
  • Track your raw materials and resources to prevent shortages and wasteful over-ordering
  • Monitor your work flow to increase productivity and minimize downtime
  • Track manufacturing line activity to allow more strategic equipment maintenance and
    upgrades (and minimize downtime and interruptions)
  • Automate route driver delivery and ordering
  • Support quality control and customer satisfaction
  • Oversee management of finished product inventory

With bar code scanners, label printers, printer supplies and other handheld and mobile equipment, Bar Code Direct connects your plant to your warehouse to your field operations and, ultimately, your customers.





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