Few industries are as tightly regulated as healthcare, where effective controls are critical for patient safety and cost containment.

Bar Code Direct supports hospitals, device manufacturers, and healthcare companies of all sizes in the management of their complex inventory of consumables, durable medical goods, pharmaceuticals, instruments, and hospital supply chain management. Through state-of-the-art wireless mobile computing, supply chain, and bar code technology, we can help you:

WE Can help you:
  • Improve patient care and safety and reduce errors through increased accuracy
  • Transport vaccines, blood products, and other temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals with cold chain logistics
  • Manage inventory to maximize efficiency, cost savings, and reliability
  • Trace implantable devices before and after surgery
  • Track and document patient flow and care
  • Monitor transportation of heat-sensitive pharmaceuticals from point of manufacture to end user
  • Reconcile medication inventory, surgical instrumentation, and other expensive or tightly regulated items
  • Monitor usage trends to optimize group buying agreements and avoid rush ordering of products
  • Automatically generate reports following Good Distribution (GDP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations
  • Manage laboratory and bedside testing
  • Support facility access and security

We work with our vendors to select software and hardware ergonomically suited for the medical environment.

Bar Code Direct is also well versed in healthcare-specific reporting requirements, electronic health record security, and patient confidentiality laws, and how such factors influence the use of wireless mobile computing and bar code technology.



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