To meet the new requirement to have a 2D GS1 Barcode on every package sent to Fresenius, please see the kit below. Fresenius Medical is requesting the following information in 2D barcode format on your primary and / or secondary packaging:

How do I print the codes?

BCD is selling a Ready-To-Deploy Kit with everything they need. In the Kit is an Industrial Honeywell PM43 Printer that can print all the labels you need. It interfaces to Bartender Software, a Windows PC app, via USB or Ethernet. The Ready-To-Deploy Kit also has specific labels and ribbons that meet the specifications defined by Fresenius so the labels will not fall off or fade in the sun.

What is in the Ready-To Deploy Kit?

Here is what is in the Barcode Printing Kit:

Ready-To-Deploy Kit Contents:
Industrial Printer: Honeywell PM43, USB, Ethernet, Direct Transfer, US power
Labels, Ribbons: 1”x3”, std paper, ribbon, high tack glue, 1 case each
Barcode Software: Bartender Pro 1, Ver 2019, Windows PC, Single Printer
Training: Web based, 1 student, 2 hours
Kit Part #: FRS_VComp_Kit100

How to I meet this requirement?
  1. Order Ready-To-Deploy Barcode Kit (See Below) Part # FRS_VComp_Kit100
  2. Unbox Printer, Install Software (These will arrive in 3-5 weeks)
  3. Schedule Web-Based Software Training to setup all equipment
  4. Print Labels
How do I learn how to use the equipment?

In the Kit is an industrial Honeywell PM43 Printer that can print all the labels you need. It comes with Labels, Ribbons and Software.

Included will be 2 hours of Web-Based Training by a Certified Barcode Specialist from Barcode Direct. This training will be scheduled after you purchase the Ready-To-Deploy Kit. Limit 1 student only

Can I print the codes with my current printer or a small cheap printer?

The software does print to other printers but Fresenius has chosen special label stock that has proper stock so the print will be readable for years. Also, a printer model has been specially selected for its industrial specs and will last for many years.

A cheaper printer will not be as reliable and the media in the Ready-To-Deploy Kit will not fail like poor quality inkjet and copy-paper solutions. NOTE: The printer in The Kit can be used to print other labels as well so you can get more benefits out of the Bartender Software and your printer.

What is in the Barcode?

Here is what is in the barcode:

  • Vendor Part Number / Product Code / Catalog Number
  • Batch Number / Lot Number (if applicable)
  • Expiration Date (if applicable)
  • Global Trade Item Number (GTIN#)
Are there Manuals and Instructions?

Included in the Kit are 2 hours of Web-Based Training on all the items. After the training, you will be able to print labels. However, if you need additional help, here are some helpful Links:

Please let Barcode Direct know if your organization needs assistance in implementing this change. There is a “Ready-To-Deploy” kit to ensure quick success.

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