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The Total Cost of Ownership for Your Mobile Computer

Investing in barcoding equipment is a must in order to keep an accurate inventory level. But how much should you invest? When purchasing new equipment, such as a mobile computer, one of the major things you consider is cost. Can you cut corners and add a case to your consumer device (e.g. iPhone, Android tablet, etc.)? Or should you take the plunge and select a durable or rugged model? Learn more about the total cost of ownership and our top picks for price-friendly models.

How to calculate the total cost of ownership

If math isn’t your strength, you’re in luck. Zebra Technologies will help you calculate the total cost of ownership of your mobile computer for free. All you have to do is fill out some fields, and the algorithm will do the rest. The goal of this report is to compare the total investment of a consumer device to Zebra’s mobile computers over the course of their lifetimes. Some of the factors used to calculate this number include:

  • Cost of the actual unit.
  • Accessories, such as chargers or additional batteries, if used for consecutive shifts.
  • Cost of a protective case.
  • Monthly carrier fee. Did you know that rugged devices often have a lower monthly fee than consumer devices?
  • Service and maintenance contracts.
  • Failure rate.
  • Hourly salary for warehouse workers and IT department in case of failure. The less time your team has to spend swapping damaged devices, the more money you save.
  • Average downtime length.
  • Life-Cycle of device – purpose-built mobile computers can last for five years +.

Another thing you want to consider is the expected lifespan of the device. Spending more upfront may be worth it if the device lasts several years longer. Consumer devices were not meant to be used every hour of every day. While you may feel glued to your smartphone, they get no where near as much use as an industrial mobile computer. Have you ever noticed that, after a year or so, the battery life of your phone can barely get you through the day? Replacing the battery in your smartphone isn’t easy and sometimes not an option, and having to do so could lead to preventable downtime.

Some of the best mobile computers to help you get the job done…

Every supply chain operation is different, and these mobile devices are flexible enough to meet a variety of needs. All of the following look like a smartphone, are easy to use, and include all the features your team needs to get the job done.

TC70 Series Rugged Touch Computer

Not everyone is a member of the Android family, and that’s okay. The TC70 allows you to select between an Android and a Windows operating system. Its inventory management skills are excellent for retail stores, as well as rugged manufacturing environments.

TC75 Series Rugged Touch Computer

This rugged touch computer works for nearly every industry, from transportation and logistics to field services. It not only has two-way radio capabilities, but the TC75 can also track your assets and provide proof of delivery. Not to mention, it can withstand an 8-foot drop onto concrete.

TC51 & TC56 Touch Computer

Meet the harder working cousin of your cellphone. Its large screen is reminiscent of a smartphone but is shatterproof thanks to the Corning Gorilla Glass. Not to mention your team can access frequently used features with the touch of a button.

Dolphin CT50 Mobile Computer

Do you need to transfer large files quickly? The Dolphin CT50 can stream video and keep your employees connected all shift long. It’s perfect for field service technicians as well as warehouse workers who need a high level of flexibility.

Dolphin 75e Handheld Computer

This mobile device is not a one-trick pony. It was designed to let its user capture the world around them, no matter what form the information takes. Whether you need a customer signature or are looking to exceed expectations with your stellar customer service, this device can do it all.

Shopping for a new mobile computer but don’t know where to get started? Contact Bar Code Direct today to develop a customized solution for your business.

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