advantage of Zebra Link-OS Printers

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Why You Should Take Advantage of Zebra Link-OS Printers and Software

Has your business struggled with integrating and managing a lot of remote or mobile printers? Across industries, barcode printers are becoming more and more vital. In many ways, this is a good thing. Having mobile and remote printers on hand allows for more flexibility. However, as more and more printers are added, it becomes more difficult to manage them all. Think of your printers as a team: if they communicate well and ensure everyone is on the same page, they will be successful. Similarly, if they cannot communicate, the team will suffer and you’ll spend more time fixing problems than actually using your printers. We think the best way to direct your team is by taking advantage of Zebra Link-OS printers and software.

The Trouble With Device Coordination

Barcode printers are not a “set it and forget it” type of thing. They need to be configured for your business needs, periodically updated, and they need a method of status reporting. With one or two printers, this is easy. But in multiple warehouses filled with printers new and old, it suddenly gets a lot harder. Many device operating systems give you limited power; printers cannot communicate with each other and internet connection is slow and unpredictable. This can mean manual updates and status checks. When your IT team is spending all of their time with individual printers, the process is inefficient and costly.

Advantages of Zebra Link-OS Printers and Software

An effective printer system has two main components: “push”, in which the operating system gives information directly to the printers, such as in software updates, and “pull”, in which the device settings allow the printers to manage themselves. Zebra Link-OS printers and software work together to ensure this push and pull is efficient. Printers are able to connect to the network to gain the information they need (and give feedback), and your IT team is able to control this access all in one place. When printers are able to manage themselves, printer maintenance and printing processes are that much more efficient and productive.

Are you ready for a system of printers that can work together to streamline your printing? Bar Code Direct is a trusted Zebra partner. We can help you select the right printers for your business needs and we can help if you need backup. We’d love to be a part of your device management team.

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