E-Grocer Start-up Finds Success Among the Giants

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The Tools


Help a start-up E-Grocer compete in the volatile Online grocery category. Many stores rely on labor-intensive methods to complete Online orders. Without a traditional brick and mortar footprint, or the reach of a competitor like Amazon, the start-up needed an innovative, cost-effective, and contactless way to fulfill orders.

The Situation:

The E-Grocer built a collection of automated micro fulfillment centers where most work was completed through robotics. However since some critical picking needed to be done manually, we created a custom solution that included arm-mounted Android mobile computers integrated with ring scanners. This allowed the manual process to be fast and efficient, which kept costs down and allowed the start-up to compete with established services


We worked closely with this innovative start-up from their inception to ensure their picking tools were the perfect fit for their processes. Their growth has been remarkable, and they are working with the largest names in the grocery business.”

-Pete Grimes, VP Marketing & Sales,
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The Tools

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