Two Huge Medical Tech Companies Merge and Create a Single, Seamless Logistics Platform.

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The Tools

The Situation:

One of our clients — a gigantic medical technology company – recently merged with another large medical tech company and created the largest business of its kind in the world. But, they operated on two entirely different logistics platforms in different manufacturing facilities all over the globe.

Our Approach

The challenge was to solve several problems at once, rather than slowly integrate solutions over a longer period of time. Working with the client, we developed a program that each new facility could implement immediately and begin working as a single entity almost overnight.


Bar Code Direct created a mobile workstation solution-in-a-box. Each kit was equipped with barcode scanners, printers, verifiers, PCs, and labeling software, all installed on a custom mobile battery-powered cart. Over 300 kits were shipped in a custom-designed crate to manufacturing facilities around the world — plug-in ready, allowing local teams to label and onboard inventory into the database immediately.

The Results

The new facilities were up and running hours after the kits arrived. The transition period from one system to another was cut dramatically. What normally takes months and even years, was completed in days. The new company, their employees, and most importantly, their clients experienced a seamless, pain-free merger with limited interruption in the supply chain.

Chris Richardson
Bar Code Direct

The Tools

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Bar Code Direct Changes Name to Peak Technologies, LLC

Bar Code Direct is excited to announce that we are in the process of changing our name to Peak Technologies, LLC. 

Bar Code Direct joined the Peak Technologies portfolio one year ago, and over this time we have focused on leveraging the strengths and resources of Peak Technologies’ growing portfolio of companies to increase our solutions offering, geographic presence, and partner ecosystem to better serve our customers.  As we transition to the new Peak Technologies name, we will be updating our website to better reflect our collective end-to-end capabilities including an extensive portfolio of digital supply chain, mobility and retail solutions.