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Ensuring Speed and Accuracy with a Professional RF Site Survey

When set up correctly, wireless network systems allow fast access to essential business information. However, if a system is not implemented correctly, it can result in lost money and productivity. That’s why it’s essential to have an experienced team conduct a WiFi site survey. A site survey will address the environmental factors – from walls and poles to metal and temperature – that can impact your wireless coverage.

A The Bar Code Direct wireless local area network (WLAN) site survey is a physical survey of the premises where the Wi-Fi network will be installed. A WLAN site survey can help you:

  • Determine equipment requirements and ensure proper installation.
  • Maximize wireless traffic utilization.
  • Ensure your wireless system is the most efficient and cost effective solution for your wireless networking and data collection processes.

The Bar Code Direct team has the knowledge, expertise and RF / wireless site survey tools to ensure an optimal launch. Put our proven experience and wireless survey consulting services to work for you. Contact us today.

Site Surveys – Our Process

Bar Code Direct surveys include the following elements:

Bar Code Direct reviews the floor plan and identifies the best access point locations for optimal WiFi coverage and maximum RF signal strength.

Environmental Factors
Bar Code Direct wireless engineer determines the signal-to-noise ratio and considers the factors that can disrupt coverage and interfere with radio frequency signals. This includes building construction materials, types of products in the building, racking systems, and freezers. They also evaluate any other RF or wireless devices already installed to ensure no co-channel interference.

Propagation Frequencies Testing
The spectrum analysis engineer physically tests the propagation frequencies and determines where to place the access points. They will also decide what direction to point the antenna to maximize wireless signal coverage and data rate throughput.

If needed, Bar Code Direct will carefully develop specifications for the required network layout and cabling.

Final Report
At the completion of the wireless LAN survey, a written report includes:

  • Administrative details
  • Survey equipment data
  • Site survey results
  • Surveyor’s notes
  • Suggested wireless site survey equipment with specifications
  • Customer supplied system components
  • WiFi locations
  • Network cabling information
  • Technical support information
  • Hardware support information
  • Scheduling terms and conditions
  • A series of CAD drawings showing the coverage pattern for each radio transceiver on the day of the survey

Express Site Surveys

Onsite visits aren’t possible? Bar Code Direct’s Express Site Survey uses a series of telephone based consultations and customer-supplied site drawings to make recommendations. Based on this information, our engineers determine the transceivers’ optimal positioning for adequate RF propagation.


The new facilities were up and running hours after the kits arrived. The transition period from one system to another was cut dramatically. What normally takes months and even years, was completed in days. The new company, their employees, and most importantly, their clients experienced a seamless, pain-free merger with limited interruption in the supply chain.

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