The evolution in wireless mobile computing and bar code technology is both exciting and daunting. Innovations in hardware and software let you pinpoint exactly what you’ve got, where it’s going, and who ordered it, giving you powerful point-of-activity data to support your critical business decisions.
But if you’re not a bar coding expert, how can you be sure your system is really working for you?

That’s where Bar Code Direct can help. With decades of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. And in an industry crowded with off-the-shelf, do-it-yourself business products and applications, we proudly build custom enterprise solutions for each and every client, backed by our unparalleled professional services.

We’re a full-service partner for all of your automated mobility computing needs.

We provide:
  • Consultation and on-site review of your current and projected challenges
  • Design, installation, and activation of software, including integration into your current system
  • Reliable, durable, and warrantied equipment—new and refurbished—from the leading
    hardware partners, tailored to your environment and users
  • Hands-on support and field service
  • Insight into industry-specific regulations and data-protection best practices
  • Comprehensive data reporting
  • Ongoing maintenance, repair, and upgrades, with free loaner equipment to minimize downtime

We also offer a range of inventory and materials management services, freeing you to focus on your other business priorities.

You don't have to be a bar coding expert to have an efficient enterprise wireless mobile computing system. You just need Bar Code Direct to create and manage it for you.


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