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Meet the Engine That Will Drive Your Business Forward

The SE4850 Extended Range Imager is the powerful engine behind our dream team of scanning devices: the Zebra DS3600, the MC9200, and the TC8000. Designed to read barcodes from as close as two inches and as far as 70 feet away, this versatile suite of scanners:

  • Is fast (forklift drivers can scan multiple barcodes while in motion)
  • Read both paper and reflective codes
  • Can scan through shrink wrap
  • Read 1D and 2D barcodes of all shapes and sizes
  • Decode both wide and narrow codes

Arm your team with the tools they need to capture data faster and with less error.
Reach out to Barcode Direct at 1.800.343.1750 to start the onboarding process.

Plus, check out the SE4850’s full capabilities and see the Zebra DC3600, MC9200,
and TC8000 in action here: