repair or replace your barcoding equipment

Replacing vs. Repairing Your Warehouse Barcoding Equipment

Process management requires a lot of time and effort. You have to oversee safety, ensure compliance, increase productivity and meet customer expectations. Faulty barcoding equipment decreases productivity and frustrates employees, which leads to decreased morale and increased production costs. If your equipment is dated, repairing it can be time-consuming and the process unreliable.  You may need a more long-term solution such as replacing your equipment with the latest technology.  There are two options when you have older equipment.

I. Replacing your barcoding equipment.

Replacing your equipment requires shopping around for the best barcode devices, scanners, and printers, and finding a reliable and knowledgeable supplier who will offer you a reasonable quote.


Improved Efficiency

Replacing old equipment with new barcoding equipment ensures that you minimize disruptions caused by faulty equipment. You also reduce mistakes that can occur when you are waiting on repairs or using semi-functional devices. For example, returning to a manual system in a medical facility can cause confusion while dispensing medicine, compromising quality and ultimately your credibility with the public.

Better Profit Margins

Upgrading your systems can help you improve service delivery. You can offer additional services by adding apps to a higher powered mobile device that the old one could not run, get better information real-time to make smarter purchasing decisions, and with better systems, inventory management becomes easier. By reducing operation costs and making more sustainable choices, your bottom line improves.

Increased Productivity

Faulty equipment disrupts workflow, which can leave employees feeling frustrated. If the problem persists, your staff may lose morale. Additionally, having to stop production for technical repairs reduces productivity, affecting your crew’s ability to meet individual and team goals.  Warehousing is all about taking cost out of your operation, and to do that you need to be as productive as possible.  New equipment will guarantee you a seamless production process, with a higher employee morale.


Capital Investments

Replacing your equipment can mean spending a significant amount of money. Depending on your needs and business goals, this may include mobile computers and/or tablets, printers, barcode scanners, and software. Let’s face it, no one wants to spend money, but focus on the Return on Investment and Total Cost of Ownership, not just the capital outlay.

Up Skilling

Often, new equipment requires training of employees who will work with the equipment on a regular basis. Depending on the upgrade, you may need to invest time and money to get your employees to understand and use the new equipment effectively.

II. Repairing your barcoding equipment.

In some instances, repairing your equipment is the only option available.


Cost Saving

With older equipment, you can perform repairs in-house or have your maintenance team perform the repairs during routine equipment inspections. Depending on the size of the company, you may already have an in-house expert who can fix the problem fast, and help you resume operations as normal.

Quick Solution

In a busy environment, repairing equipment offers a fast solution to ensure production goes as planned. This saves time and helps you meet your daily goals.



Repeatedly repairing your equipment becomes costly; you spend a lot of time and resources fixing equipment instead of meeting your business goals. Eventually, you may realize that you need new equipment, which might be too late. Additionally, keeping employees waiting for repairs leaves them feeling frustrated and unproductive. If the problem persists, you risk losing valuable talent.

So, should you call your maintenance team, limp along with semi-functional equipment, or bite the bullet and go for a wholesale replacement?  While repairing is an easier pill to swallow short-term, you should conduct a thorough analysis to identify if replacing your current equipment will provide you with the necessary ROI and TCO; you may be surprised!  Consult experts at Bar Code Direct to ensure you make the best decision for your business.

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