Efficient collaboration is key for successful businesses. Two-way radio systems are a must for businesses who need instant communication.
Two-way radios vary in shape, size, ruggedness, and battery life. Features have also evolved considerably over the years. For example, systems can now connect to in-store call buttons to ensure colleagues and customers can always speak to the right person at the right time.
Bar Code Direct can provide guidance to find the right two-way radios to help your team members connect throughout the entire retail floor, warehouse, or other work environments.

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Motorola CLS1110

Connect all members of your team easily with the CLS1110, part of the CLS series. This radio is designed with business productivity in mind; it is reliable and designed to withstand the day-to-day rigors of the workplace.

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Motorola CLS1410

The CLS1410 is designed to provide a smart and reliable solution for your business needs. Its ability to operate on 4 channels allows for ease of communication and the VibraCall ensures users will receive alerts no matter what situation they are in.

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Motorola CLP1010

The CLP1010 is designed for communication efficiency in the retail and hospitality markets. This sleek, palm-sized device is easy to operate and works with a variety of accessories.

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Motorola CLP1040

Designed for ease of communication, this sleek device is comfortable and durable. Its simplistic design makes it easy to operate and can be combined with a variety of accessories for multiple wearing options.

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Motorola CLP1060

The CLP1060 is designed for mobility and ease of use. It is Bluetooth compatible, which allows for use without messy wires. Its small, compact shape allows for professional and discreet communication between team members, guests, and customers.

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Motorola DLR

These lightweight radios are simple yet powerful collaboration tools. Special features include flexible unique call options, license-free digital technology, and extended talk range of 300,000 sq. ft. to take your organization to a new level of operational excellence.

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Motorola DTR600

With its slim, rugged design the DTR600 digital two-way radio is equipped with 30 channel capacity. It is IP54 rated and operates at 900 MHz. A full-graphic color display menu helps you quickly locate all radio features. The DTR600 offers Digital One-to-One Calling & Digital One-to-Many Calling while providing a long battery life and digital audio quality.

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DB-100 Desktop

The DB-100 is a digital desktop radio built with flexibility and reliability in mind. Access your team with the push of a button. Flexible mounting options make this product an ideal option for most work environments.

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Alert Tech Motorola EA200HD - call button

The EasyAssist instantly connects a customer with an employee, associate, or manager. Not only is the EA200HD highly customizable, its heavy duty enclosure also makes it tamper and water resistant, ensuring your customers will always be able to reach you.

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DuraFon - UHF - HC Dual-Mode Radio Phone

The DuraFon-UHF-HC Handset is the industry’s only durable, long-range cordless phone with a UHF 2-way radio that allows communication with both UHF 2-way radios and phone users. The DuraFon-UHF-HC Handset works with a DuraFon PRO Base Unit (purchase separately) to provide the telephone line connection.

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Alerttech EA300

At the push of the EA300 button, customers who were looking for an employee are assured someone is on their way, associates are let in a locked door, a manager is called to the location, or a visitor is acknowledged. Not only is the EA300 customizable but it's has a 0.6 mile range.

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Alert Tech Motorola CB200 - call button

Improve the customer experience of your retail stores by connecting your customers to your staff on the floor instantly. With the CB Series of call boxes, your customers can call for assistance at the push of a button. When pushed, employees are alerted to the customer service request over the radio system.

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Motorola VT100

The VT100 delivers a customizable and fully integrated enterprise mobile video solution. 720p HD video. Remote alarm activation. Customer-friendly design. Seamless integration with existing CCTV. The VT100 offers a new perspective when it matters most.

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