Get Real-Time, Actionable Alerts About Customer Activity to Multiple Endpoints

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With the IoT SmartHub platform and Honeywell & Zebra smart devices, you get real-time, actionable alerts about customer activity to multiple endpoints, enabling chain-wide

  • Improvement in customer satisfaction,
  • Shopping experience
  • Bottom-line results.

SmartHub alerts employees when:

  • Customers enter and exit, allowing them the freedom to work on other tasks,
    while also improving safety and preventing loss.
  • It offers call button alerts—
    Allowing the employee to respond quickly to your customer’s needs
  • It alerts them when a customer has lingered in an aisle–
    sending a notification after a threshold has been reached–
  • Records short videos after triggered events.

SmartHub has presence monitoring.

  • Alerting staff to customers waiting at areas of interest.
  • It streamlines curbside pick-up,
  • Task management alerts for spills, price inadequacies and stocking issues.

By connecting retail associates with customer activity, we help them provide a superior shopping experience.



Fanatics wanted to evolve its communications technology to keep staff better informed and coordinated, ultimately creating a memorable experience for everyone who walks through the door at the flagship store.

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