Deliver E-Commerce Fulfillment with Agility, Accuracy and Efficiency

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Fulfilling online orders requires a high degree of inventory visibility and operational efficiency. From inventory and asset management, to voice-directed picking and proof of delivery, Bar Code Direct’s e-commerce fulfillment solutions allow you to master the high-velocity, each-item fulfillment process and deliver to your customer as quickly as possible, no matter where they are.

Enable Agile Customer Delivery

Customers demand faster order delivery to a multitude of locations. E-commerce retailers are feeling the pressure to meet that demand and maintain visibility from the time their shipment leaves the fulfillment center, through the last mile and into the customer’s hands.

Augment Productivity and Efficiency

High-velocity e-commerce fulfillment centers rely on speed and efficiency to get products stocked, so they can be picked quickly. Efficiency throughout the supply chain is more important than ever to remain profitable and keep up with customer demands. 

Ensure Accuracy at Each Step 

In e-commerce, order fulfillment inaccuracies and inconsistencies are visible to the customer. Reflecting accurate inventory, picking the right product and getting it to the right place is critical to a successful transaction. 



Help a start-up E-Grocer compete in the volatile Online grocery category. Many stores rely on labor-intensive methods to complete Online orders. Without a traditional brick and mortar footprint,

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