A Digital View of Your Operations

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Warehouse & Distribution

A Digital View of Your Operations

Automating visibility to asset location helps organizations better manage and optimize their critical assets, streamline operations and create more efficient workflows. Bar Code Direct offers a full portfolio of best-in-class hardware options for capturing location data, to satisfy a large variety of requirements for range, accuracy and precision. Combined with the power of Zebra MotionWorks Enterprise platform®, which translates this location data into meaningful insights, Zebra delivers the location expertise you need to maximize the benefits of real-time tracking in your organization.

RFID Readers
From warehouses and loading docks to indoor customer-facing and carpeted environments, our mobile and handheld RFID readers, printers, and antennas help you achieve maximum visibility into your enterprise assets.

Integrated RFID Portals
Manage and monitor inventory, control costs, and optimize workflows with fast, reliable, highly automated updates when tagged assets pass through a portal or chokepoint

Zebra MotionWorks® Enterprise Software
Zebra MotionWorks Enterprise is an innovative platform that allows organizations to turn enterprise asset locations into actionable business insights. It collects, manages and analyzes sense and state data from tagged enterprise resources, and feeds into a single integrated management console for enhanced visibility of the location and state of every resource. 


Knowing where things are provides critical business context. Companies spend a fortune in time, energy, and money tracking resources, and automating this process frees up capacity to focus on their business. Having a system that automatically tracks resources for you, and provides insight into the state of the business, frees you up to focus on business decisions and improvements. If you’re spending less time collecting data, you can spend more time reducing capital expenditures, increasing revenues and improving workflows.



To compete in today’s market, manufacturers need improved quality, faster cycle times, and increased visibility and flexibility, all while meeting regulatory compliance. That’s why Bar Code Direct’s manufacturing technology solutions enable manufacturers to see more, know more and do more to become more agile, optimize plant floor performance and embrace market changes.
Drive productivity across the plant floor by leveraging track and trace solutions, rich data capture and predictive analytics. Access software platforms that unite processes and coordinate intelligence. Bar Code Direct’s portfolio of manufacturing plant floor technology solutions deliver the agility you need to compete in today’s market now, and in the future.



Plant floors are more complex than ever. There’s more to manage and less time to manage it. Malfunctioning products can irreparably damage your relationship with the customer. Zebra’s plant floor solutions can help you get the job done right. We give you the knowledge and agility to optimize every process, asset and resource with end-to-end accuracy. Gain quality assurance in manufacturing with Zebra sensor tags, readers, scanners and machine vision that help you detect, isolate and eliminate quality issues before small problems become big problems. Demand excellence, improved quality and achieve more with Zebra Technologies.

    Bar Code Direct understands that manufacturers need improved quality. Get rich, functional data in near real-time that provides the connected intelligence you need. Our plant floor solutions enable you to become more agile and optimize your business operations for quality assurance.
    You can evolve now to meet market demands for speed and quality, without dreaded downtime. You need to deliver more, faster, with greater precision and at a lower cost. Your systems may work fine, but how do you anticipate changes and keep things running smoothly? You need smart, streamlined solutions that allow you to see, know and act—solving problems without creating new ones.
    Identify and track materials and inspect final goods with greater precision. What does that mean for you? Fewer errors. Smarter workflows. Greater performance. With technologies that work together to deliver end-to-end visibility, you can take command of the real-time insights that connect and enable your workforce. 



Utilize Bar Code Direct’s technology solutions during the assembly process to efficiently and accurately track and trace quality at every point in your production process.

Inbound Processing

Quickly and accurately process materials when they arrive at the plant to avoid bottlenecks in your production process using Bar Code Direct’s inbound processing solutions.


Bar Code Direct’sMaintenance Solutions enables your crews to be notified of an impending issue in real time to allow maintenance to be performed without any interruption to production.

Quality Management in Manufacturing

Detect, isolate and eliminate quality management issues using Zebra and Honeywell range of sensor tags, readers, scanners and machine vision solutions.

Track and Trace in Manufacturing

Zebra's track and trace solutions includes Fixed Industrial Scanners to enable automatic track and trace of every part and package in your manufacturing environment.

Facility Management

Zebra’s facility management solutions enable reduced cycle time, improved device management and increased visibility across facilities.

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Bar Code Direct Changes Name to Peak Technologies, LLC

Bar Code Direct is excited to announce that we are in the process of changing our name to Peak Technologies, LLC. 

Bar Code Direct joined the Peak Technologies portfolio one year ago, and over this time we have focused on leveraging the strengths and resources of Peak Technologies’ growing portfolio of companies to increase our solutions offering, geographic presence, and partner ecosystem to better serve our customers.  As we transition to the new Peak Technologies name, we will be updating our website to better reflect our collective end-to-end capabilities including an extensive portfolio of digital supply chain, mobility and retail solutions.