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Powering Warehouse Operations


A Fortune 50 health management company with thousands of retail locations, and a complicated supply chain, had a big challenge: their warehouse operations were struggling to keep up with growth due to several processes that still relied on paper and pencil. As an automated system was being developed to greatly improve productivity, it was determined that the hardware required to run it would need more power than was available on the market. Readily available consumer power packs were priced right, but proved far too unreliable, both from a durability and power cycle standpoint.


Bar Code Direct – a leading enterprise mobile systems integrator, and GTS — a leading battery supply manufacturer — partnered to create a proprietary long-lasting rugged and mobile power solution. With many of the warehouses operating 24/7/365, the solution needed to keep pace with the demanding personnel, shift after shift. After all, having a tablet with barcode scanning on a pick cart that accesses a state-of-the-art system is useless without power.

The end solution allows mobile workers to access the new system without interruption, thereby achieving the stated productivity goals required to fuel their continued growth.


  • Zebra ET50 TabletS
  • Zebra DS457 scanner
  • Pro-clip Tablet Mount
  • Ram Mounting Kit


Staging & Configuration
Asset Management:

  • Spares Pool
  • RMA
  • Site Inventory
  • Help Desk

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