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Selecting the right devices for your enterprise can offer major business benefits. Coupled with the right approach, you can look forward to increased productivity, efficiency, and accuracy in operations.

Zebra put this theory to the test.

Our customers said they needed a faster, more intuitive, and more precise user experience on purpose-built mobile devices. Knowing that data entry is crucial for many operational activities, Zebra compared keypad types. Tests of virtual and physical keyboard entry in our warehousing operations revealed some interesting results.

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Choice of physical or virtual keyboards is just one of the considerations for organizations deploying mobile devices. There are many other things that can speed up workflows, cut task time, and reduce error rates in your organization. These include the use of modern enterprise mobile operating systems, device ergonomics, and updated application workflows, to name just a few. With our GO Zebra GO Bar Code Direct program, we trade out the old with new, faster, and smarter devices, taking your supply chain to the next level. Earn rebates up to $200 per device when you trade-in an old unit and purchase one of Zebra’s eligible devices. Delivering mobile computing power to your work force with instant rebates. Call 1-800-343-1750 to talk with a Bar Code Direct Specialist or visit