Improve Communication with a Two Way Radio System

Improve Communication with a Two-Way Radio System

You’re in constant contact with your employees.

Unlike a landline, a two-way radio can follow you where ever you go. Whether your employees are on the sales floor or are in different areas of your warehouse, implementing a two-way radio system can help get the job done more efficiently. Arming your team with radios is a sure fire way to make sure they hear the message loud and clear, whatever it may be.

You don’t have to play “telephone”

How many times a day do you have to relay a message to more than one member of your team? Traditional methods to reach a crowd are inefficient. Holding a department meeting cuts into your overhead and productivity, while relying on a small group may distort the message as it travels from person to person. Two-way radios not only allow you to reach your entire team at once but also allow you to reach out to only a select group of people. Perhaps the sales team in the homewares department needs to share a message. Different channels allow different groups to stay in touch without inconveniencing everyone on the radio system.

Your team can communicate more effectively.

What do you think of when you think of a two-way radio? Does your mind flash back to the set you had with your best friend in elementary school? Times have changed. Two-way radios come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for a great way for your warehouse staff to stay in touch, you can get radios that can send and receive calls. Is your warehouse especially noisy? Some models have noise cancellation technology so even the loudest environments don’t get in the way of clear communication. If you’re looking for a discrete device, two-way radios for retail sometimes have screens that allow employees to text in case a hairy situation arises. One other perk of a radio system? Employees are able to communicate no matter where they are. Many radio systems have long ranges so team members can be on two different sides of a building yet still get in touch.

Your customers have a better shopping experience.

Customers no longer want to be bombarded as they walk into the door, yet they still want the opportunity to ask questions if they need help. Instead of having your sales team twiddling their thumbs, install call buttons where customers are likely to have the most questions. When a customer pushes a call button, your employee will be notified thanks to their radio following him around all day. Investing in call buttons and radios prevents a customer from wandering around aimlessly trying to find help and possibly losing interest in the product of their desire. Now an informed employee can answer their questions or help them find a product in mere seconds.

Are you looking for a communication expert to join your team? Contact Bar Code Direct today to learn more about our two-way radio systems.

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Bar Code Direct is excited to announce that we are in the process of changing our name to Peak Technologies, LLC. 

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