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How to Streamline Your Supply Chain Management

Improving efficiency and accuracy is the key to streamlining supply chain management and giving your bottom line a boost. If you think streamlining sounds easier said than done, here are three things you can do right now to improve your supply chain management.

  1. Simplify Your Supply Chain

The more hoops your cargo has to jump through before it reaches its destination, the more complex and expensive your supply chain becomes. Not only will reducing unnecessary steps increase efficiency, it will also be subject to fewer contingencies that are out of your control like weather and other delays. By choosing to work directly with manufacturers instead of third-party distributors, your supply chain will be faster, more reliable, and less expensive to maintain overall.

  1. Utilize Current Technology

A 2014 survey revealed that up to 40 percent of organizations are not looking towards automated processes to streamline their supply chain. If you fall into this group, the bad news is that you are wasting resources to complete tasks more slowly and with less efficiency. The good news is that if you embrace technology now, you can leapfrog the competition leaving them scrambling to play catch-up.

Barcode solutions are an easy way to start implementing technology without interrupting your entire supply chain and inventory processes. Barcodes make picking and packing easier and far more reliable and will reduce confusion and errors in shipments. Adding products to your inventory has never been easier with on-demand printers that can create bar codes and update your inventory reports on the fly.

  1. Use an Integrated Monitoring System

Rather than keeping shipping, receiving, and inventory reporting separate, an integrated system will allow you to make the most of the data you collect from all aspects of your supply chain. An integrated system will also help you use information from one end of the chain to provide better service to the other. For example, if there is a shortage of a particular material, your customers will not have to wait until your current supply runs out before discovering that their products are unavailable.

Proactive customer care is the best way to ensure your customers keep coming back. In fact, a 2015 Sales Force report found that more than half of all Americans would never use a company again following a bad customer service experience. Fortunately, most buyers understand that there are times when product unavailability becomes unavoidable, and mistakes in shipment happen. By partnering up with BCD’s professional Technical Service and Support staff, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be taken care of.

When determining whether the experience was positive or negative, the difference is communication. Was the customer notified ahead of time, or did they have to find out at the last minute on their own? Or, worse, did the customer have to tell you that there was a problem? Integrated systems will make the entire supply chain more informed, so it is a better asset for you and your customers.

Less Effort, Better Results

The process of streamlining your supply chain may take a bit of innovation and energy but once you cut down inefficiencies and created a faster, more informed system, the rewards are worthwhile. You will enjoy decreasing costs, improved customer satisfaction, and less errors throughout all your business processes.


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Bar Code Direct Changes Name to Peak Technologies, LLC

Bar Code Direct is excited to announce that we are in the process of changing our name to Peak Technologies, LLC. 

Bar Code Direct joined the Peak Technologies portfolio one year ago, and over this time we have focused on leveraging the strengths and resources of Peak Technologies’ growing portfolio of companies to increase our solutions offering, geographic presence, and partner ecosystem to better serve our customers.  As we transition to the new Peak Technologies name, we will be updating our website to better reflect our collective end-to-end capabilities including an extensive portfolio of digital supply chain, mobility and retail solutions.