There’s a New Way To Keep Up With
Supply Chain Demands

Improve productivity and task accuracy with the first of its kind rugged HD4000 Enterprise Head-Mounted Display.

Put the information your workers need right into their real-time field of view, enabling hands-free directed action workflows that increase order processing, repair and production volumes – without adding staff or expanding your production lines. Get more out of your workforce and your Zebra mobile computers with the HD4000 — the only see-through wearable display built for the enterprise. The HD4000 is compatible with WT6000, TC7X and TC5X products.

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Warehouse Management

Warehouse workers need to fulfill more orders faster and more accurately than ever before

Manufacturers need to produce and ship more products, without sacrificing quality control

Technicians need to complete more error-free repairs in a day

Just connect the HD4000 to your host mobile computer to provide power

HD4000 uses less than 1 watt, so there is little effect on battery life —and hot-swappable batteries mean full shift power, every shift

No additional batteries to charge or manage – minimizes the impact on IT time and cost

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