Top Questions You Should Ask a Barcode Hardware Reseller

Doing your research on your next–or first–barcode system investment? There are a number of factors to take into consideration to make sure you get the most ROI. Here are some key questions you should review in detail before you work with any barcode hardware reseller.

When you connect with a hardware reseller, be sure to ask:

Are barcode systems your specialty? Depending on the hardware reseller, barcoding equipment is one of many different things that they offer in their product catalog.  In order to maximize your investment, you should choose a reseller who is an industry expert regarding barcode scanners, enterprise mobile computers and tablets, barcode printers, and beyond. They should be able to understand your needs and then educate you on what options are available to you.

Do you cater to the needs of my industry? Barcodes are useful for managing inventory, assets, data, logistics, and so much more. As such, the needs of a healthcare facility using barcodes for dispensing medication or tracking their patients’ treatment are very different from that of a fulfillment center for merchandise awaiting shipment. A knowledgeable reseller can share recommendations based on their previous experiences providing solutions to customers with requirements similar to yours.

Can you tell me about your selection of products and solutions? It will likely be more cost-effective and efficient to work with one barcode system partner than attempt to piecemeal a barcoding system together.  Ideally, a hardware reseller should be a one-stop-shop for everything you need. They should have the best industry-standard brands in stock and be able to guide you through picking the right equipment for your business.

Do you offer a consultation? Also, will it be onsite or over the phone? There is a big advantage to working with a local barcode company. They can meet with your team face-to-face, get a feel for your facility, and help you create a game plan that is unique to your workflow.

Can you design a custom solution for me? Many hardware resellers simply ship you the equipment that you order… and after that, you’re on your own. That is a big risk to take for what can be a significant business expense. You can reduce your risk if your reseller can help you craft a solution from end to end that takes into account your entire barcoding system, including: hardware, software, logistics, and industry-specific regulations.

If the reseller can design a custom solution, this is a good follow up question:

How custom can you get? Will they connect your scanners to an existing software package or explore developing a proprietary application for your business? If so, do they have expertise in your niche area? Some hardware resellers have in-house teams of engineers who can develop a number of applications for data collection, proof-of-delivery, label design, printing, and more.

How quickly can you get me up and running? There is a number of follow-up questions that correspond with this:

  • What kind of assistance do they provide with the roll-out strategy for the new equipment?
  • Will the equipment be shipped directly to you?
  • Will the equipment be usable when it arrives at your location(s)? or will additional set up be required?

A qualified hardware reseller should understand that everything in your business is mission-critical. Therefore, they should have solid answers for all of the above questions to ensure that you can use your barcoding system as quickly as possible with little-to-no service interruption.

What kind of service can I expect during installation? Can they connect the equipment to your ERP before it arrives at your facility? What if you have several locations for which you have ordered equipment? Will the reseller makes sure everything gets to its final destination all in one piece? Some resellers will even come onsite and walk you through the installation process.

What about support after my purchase? Is there a support contract? What is included with your support package? Will they train you and your staff on the new equipment? Can they help answer questions or troubleshoot problems with the barcoding equipment? Having access to support from your reseller will prevent your IT department from getting overloaded with requests for help.

Are you available to come onsite to repair my barcoding equipment/printers? Some printers are quite large and heavy. If your reseller is based in an office 3,000 miles away from yours, you may be out of luck when something goes wrong. Ask whether they can send a technician to your aid in the event of an emergency. In addition, can your hardware reseller come to your rescue with spares if something breaks?

Fortunately, none of these questions are too hard for our dedicated team of engineers, developers, and consultants. Experience white glove service when it comes to barcoding systems, and get your free health check today.

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