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Family-owned business competes with the top of the industry food chain

Due to federal mandates, a family-owned frozen foods company—we’ll call them Fam Foods—needed to abandon their old-school method of pen-and-paper documentation in favor of a system that would allow for tracking and tracing ingredients. Efficiencies were a priority, so finding equipment that could carry out multiple functions was key, too.

Bar Code Direct partnered with Just Food, a Microsoft Dynamics-based Enterprise Resource Planning system, and linked it with a suite of handheld data collection devices that fit Fam Foods’ specific needs. Our team researched, tested, and validated all devices, and worked closely with Just Food to ensure a seamless on-boarding process. The 360° infrastructure allows Fam Foods to comply with federal regulations and compete with more sophisticated manufacturers within the food industry.

Fam Foods initiated a true partnership with Barcode Direct, providing both short- and long-term goals and ensuring Barcode Direct understood the full scope of the project.

-Chris Arnold, Bar Code Direct, Sales Consultant


  • Handheld computers programmed to complete both forklift bulk tasks, like receiving and storage, as well as smaller-scale functions like scanning and packing
  • Zebra MC92N0 RF (Windows)
  • Zebra TC80 RF (Android)
  • Zebra Thermal Transfer Printers
  • Zebra Thermal Transfer Labels and Ribbons
  • Newcastle Power Carts
  • Taylor Made Custom Forklift Cradles

<< Success Stories