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How To Ensure a Safe & Accurate Operation

Now, more than ever, drive-through testing sites are invaluable to healthcare facilities. They free up critical resources and allow workers to collect specimens at high volumes. If your company is developing a COVID-19 testing site, you’ll need to prioritize safety, speed, and accuracy. The solution? Barcoding.

Barcode technology automates crucial processes like data capture and reporting, so that testing centers can keep the line moving without jeopardizing patient care. Bar Code Direct has successfully implemented COVID-19 testing sites around the country using Zebra’s healthcare-specific technology. Here are the key products you’ll need to ensure fast and effective results at your drive-thru testing location: 

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Handheld Mobile Computers

Zebra TC52-HC mobile computers are designed specifically for healthcare workers. Advanced scanning technology allows for rapid capture of 1D and 2D barcodes. The devices are strong enough to withstand drops on cement hospital floors, while advanced medical-grade plastic means they’ll stand up to frequent cleanings. They’re also built for the long haul—full-shift batteries make these devices ideal for around-the-clock use.


Zebra’s mobile, enterprise-class tablets connect patient data, clinicians, and providers in real time. They can be used with an AndroidTM or Windows® operating system, and have ruggedized frame options to withstand drops. There are two types of tablets: ET56 delivers best-in-class display brightness, front- and rear-facing camera, and 1D/2D barcode-scanning capabilities. L10 tablets come in three configurations (slate, rigid-handle, or laptop/tablet) to ensure clinicians have the right tool for their needs.

Workforce Connect

Zebra designed its Workforce Connect solution to enable healthcare professionals to make voice calls, send push-to-talk messages, and secure text messages with their peers—all with a single device.


Zebra DS8100-HC healthcare scanners allow clinicians to capture barcode data from almost any medium. They are cordless for enhanced mobility and designed with medical-grade plastics to reduce the spread of bacteria.

Zebra DS9908-HD scanners are both barcode and RFID enabled, which means healthcare workers can accurately label and track specimens within the chain of custody.


Zebra ZD510-HC printers produce the only antimicrobial- coated patient wristbands on the market. The printers work hand in hand with the ZD410-HC, which is smaller than a loaf of bread and turns out specimen labels with ease. ZD410-HC utilizes thermal technology to transfer patient information, eliminating the need to dispose of printer ribbons containing sensitive information. Both printers are designed to handle regular sanitizing.

With the ZQ600 Healthcare Series mobile printers you can improve accuracy, patient safety and staff productivity by completing specimen labeling at the point of care. 

Specimen Barcode Labels

Specimen Barcode Labels Zebra specimen barcode labels stay affixed to the most challenging surfaces. Labels can withstand extreme temperatures and are resistant to xylene, alcohols, haematoxylin, and other solvents and stains. Boost your site’s specimen identification efficiency and reduce error rates with Zebra labels, including IQ Colour, PolyPro 4000D, Z-Perform 2000D (not available in EMEA), and Z-Select 2000D (only available in EMEA). Choose from a wide selection of in-stock items, ready to ship within 24 hours.

Specimen RFID Labels

Zebra offers end-to-end RFID solutions for healthcare facilities, including specimen RFID labels. Pre-tested labels are made with proper materials and adhesives, as well as the highest-performing thermal inlays and chips. Choose from a wide selection of in-stock items, ready to ship within 24 hours.

Sanitize for Safety

Zebra’s “Sanitize for Safety” resources include links to best practices for sanitizing devices shared by associates to help increase safety.


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