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COVID-19 Testing School Solutions

COVID testing will be a reality of public life for the foreseeable future. Hospitals, health care facilities, corporations, schools, colleges, pharmacies, and more will be conducting testing for years to come. At Bar Code Direct we’ve developed comprehensive, end to end, COVID testing kits that include hand held scanners, portable printers, labels, software and 24 hour support. We have successfully implemented these systems at several colleges and universities in the Northeast. And these same kits can be customized to meet the needs of nearly any organization.

Bar Code Direct’s COVID testing systems consist of customizable healthcare-grade printers, scanners and labels. Our line of healthcare portable mobile label printers can print any size label on nearly any substrate. Our labels are durable, weather proof and provide outstanding accuracy. Our printers and scanners are lightweight, durable, healthcare-grade devices that have anti-microbial casings that are made to be disinfected over and over again, plus they are built to run 24/7 in the harshest climates.

To learn how BCD can help get your school’s COVID-19 Testing up and running call us at 1.800.343.1750 or click here.