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Bar Code in a Box

Here’s a scenario:

Company #1 acquires Company #2 and, overnight, becomes the largest medical technology company in the world. How does Company #1 integrate Company #2 into its supply chain seamlessly-and train thousands of new hires-without disrupting operations? We’re glad you asked.

Bar Code Direct was faced with this very challenge and stepped up with an all-in-one solution: Bar Code in a Box. We stocked and shipped a 360° mobile workstation to hundreds of Company #1 manufacturing facilities around the world. Each kit was packed with barcode scanners, printers, PCs, and labeling software, and arrived on wheels and plug-in ready. Which meant that local teams could label and onboard inventory into the Company #1 database without any delay in production.

Yeah. We did that.


>Newcastle Custom Picking Cart
> Dell Desktop/Laptop loaded with Seagull Scientific Bartender Automation Software
>Microscan LVS-9510 Desktop Barcode Verifier
>Worldwide UID CGEN Mobile Labeling Solution
>Zebra 110Xi4 300DPI Printer
> Zebra DS4308-HD Corded Scanner
> Z-Perform 2000T Thermal Transfer Labels
> Country-Specific Power Adaptors

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