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Automotive Warehouse Inventory Solution

A regional tire distribution warehouse needed some help. They operated 16 forklifts, and the drivers needed to input inventory details into a device while they were getting in and out of the vehicle, lifting tires with two hands, and trying to balance a fragile tablet. Bar Code Direct stepped in and created a system featuring Zebra ET50 tablets and DS3608ER Scanners. They mounted the tablet directly to the forklift, allowing the operator the freedom to get in and out of the machine without worrying about dropping the tablet.

The ET50 screen was bigger, and the tablet was far more rugged than their previous device. In addition, the Pro Clip ET50 Locking Power Mounts draw their power from the forklift’s battery, meaning the operator didn’t need to constantly re-charge the device in a remote docking station, creating a time savings, and a more efficient shift.

Another benefit of the forklift mounted device is that the operator is free to use both hands to pick products when necessary.

This customized solution from Bar Code Direct saved money, time and allowed the warehouse to operate more efficiently and helped the operators do their jobs more safely.

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