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Android: The New King of Enterprise Wireless

Until recently, enterprise mobility revolved around Microsoft and its Windows Embedded CE or Windows-Mobile operating system.  That’s all changing now with Microsoft’s earlier announcement that it will end its service of these legacy devices in 2020 which means that not only do customers need to have a plan to rewrite their existing applications to ensure they’ll work, but they also need to decide what operating system they want to move forward with.  More and more companies are jumping to the Android Enterprise Platform (and iOS to a lesser extent) because of the numerous advantages they have over their Windows predecessors.  The hardest question really comes down to what type of Android OS you want.

Windows in the Mobile Marketplace

While Windows has dominated the private PC world for decades, they have yet to establish a foothold in the mobile marketplace, mainly smart phones and tablets.  They aim to change this by being the first company to offer an operating system across all available platforms including PCs, phones, tablets and laptops with the introduction of Windows 10.  However, until users take notice and start adopting it in droves, Android is now leading the pack not only in terms of ease-of-use but also variety and more customizable options than ever before.

Microsoft for Enterprise

Historically, Windows was the obvious Enterprise choice due to infrastructure compatibility which funneled companies towards one of the available Microsoft mobile platforms.  What’s caused this practice to change is two-fold. First, the number of mobile devices shipped today (tablets and smart phones) is now far greater than the number of desktops and laptop computers sold.  Second, the Android and iOS platforms have a stranglehold on the mobile market.

Android is also making it easier and more convenient for customers to transfer their Outlook accounts and other apps to Android with cross-platform availability and software migration.  Users opting for Android can choose between the familiar Microsoft Outlook apps or instead opt for Google Apps.  Google and Android have four options for supporting Google Apps which come bundled with all Android platforms so regardless of your choice, Google and Android have the solution for you.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition With Enterprise Technology

Through the combination of Bar Code Direct and Zebra support, you’ll have access to the latest wireless enterprise technology to outfit your company, giving you a leg-up on your competition.  The process of transitioning old devices on legacy operating systems has never been easier making now as good a time as ever to take advantage of industry-leading wireless technology which will help guide you through from planning and design through implementation and deployment and beyond that for all your support needs.  Don’t fall behind with your competition leaving you to play catch-up by letting Bar Code Direct help set you up with the technology you need to stay ahead of the pack for years to come.


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Bar Code Direct Changes Name to Peak Technologies, LLC

Bar Code Direct is excited to announce that we are in the process of changing our name to Peak Technologies, LLC. 

Bar Code Direct joined the Peak Technologies portfolio one year ago, and over this time we have focused on leveraging the strengths and resources of Peak Technologies’ growing portfolio of companies to increase our solutions offering, geographic presence, and partner ecosystem to better serve our customers.  As we transition to the new Peak Technologies name, we will be updating our website to better reflect our collective end-to-end capabilities including an extensive portfolio of digital supply chain, mobility and retail solutions.