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We develop custom enterprise wireless mobile computing and barcode systems for supply chain, retail, healthcare, and hospitality.  Our solutions increase productivity for warehouse workers, package delivery and sales personnel, freight truck drivers, field service technicians, in-store associates, and caregivers.


Headquartered in North Grafton, Massachusetts

The Bar Code Direct leadership and sales teams have decades of experience providing clients large and small with the leading-edge technology and solutions they need to succeed in their industry.


We work with industry-leading manufacturers.

We strive to bring you the most sophisticated tools to increase efficiency and accuracy throughout your facilities and out in the field.


Bar Code Direct provides consultation, configuration, activation, and ongoing maintenance.

We offer the best support services for your mobile computing and bar code needs.

OUR custom solutions can help you...

  • Manage your materials and inventory
  • Increase efficiency in production and labor
  • Enhance field sales and invoice tracking
  • Increase accuracy in labeling
  • Strengthen security and minimize theft
  • Streamline your data collection processes

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