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4 Reasons to Use Barcode Asset Tracking Software

Barcode asset tracking software is an IT manager’s dream because it integrates well with existing software and increases company efficiency. No matter what your company’s goals are, properly tracking inventory will help you achieve them faster. Learn why your company should consider investing in barcode asset tracking software.

Increases your productivity

Do you remember the days when you had to punch a product’s data into the computer by hand? More often than not, records were a mess. You most likely were using Excel and the data was out of date by the time it was entered. Not to mention the disaster that would result from several people entering data. An asset tracking system will drastically cut down on the time it would take to collect crucial data. Thanks to modern technology, barcode scanners have the ability to scan dozens of barcodes a minute. Some barcode scanners have the ability to continuously scan barcodes when a worker holds a button down, increasing their productivity. Because you can scan information faster, it frees up hours of your workers’ time. Imagine how your business would be able to grow by investing resources into training or other important aspects of your business.

Improves company’s database

A barcode is a barcode, right? Wrong. Traditional barcodes that you might find on a box of cereal are not the same as those typically used for inventory tracking. Regular barcodes can only hold up to 20 characters of information, enough space to include the product’s name and price, but usually just its product identifier. Two-dimensional (2D) barcodes look like QR codes, and are often used to track assets. Did you know that 2D barcodes can hold up to 4,000 characters of text? This extra space to store information can dramatically improve your organization’s database. For example, instead of combing through the computer system to see when a product needs to be reordered or to check inventory level, you can simply scan its barcode. Think about the hundreds of hours it would take to manually update your database with the same type of information. Also, don’t forget that the average human makes an error when entering information once per 300 characters. Barcode scanners are much more accurate, only making an error once in every 36 trillion characters.

Reduces costs

Now that you’re building up your database in real time instead of hiring someone to manually enter in all of the information, you have better data with which to run your business. You’ll immediately be able to tell that a product is running low and can reorder it instead of dealing with a shortage. Is the holiday season coming up? With a barcode system, you’ll have accurate historic data at your fingertips instead of having to guess which item will be a hit. A barcode asset tracking system can give you a better insight on key metrics, such as inventory turnover rate, that will improve the efficiency of your ordering system. The more efficient your ordering is, the less inventory you’ll have on hand, which will help cut down on unnecessary costs.

Grows with your company

Businesses are dynamic and change every day, never mind every year. Investing in a barcode asset tracking system will prevent your organization from reinventing the wheel every time the size of your company increases. In terms of bar coding systems, what works with 10 employees can likely scale to suit the needs of 100 employees. Not only will the software grow with you in size, it can also meet your growing needs. Many barcode asset tracking systems work seamlessly with enterprise resource planning systems. Do your employees need to be mobile? A lot of asset tracking depends on cloud technology, which will cut down on IT time and total costs, while improving accuracy.

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