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Even experienced companies and staff need help now and then with their enterprise wireless mobile computing system. And many companies just don’t want to be in the mobile infrastructure support business. Enter Bar Code Direct Help Desk.

We’re here to troubleshoot anything that might come up: end-user problems, software misconfigurations, data management questions, and more. Our reliable and knowledgeable staff will walk you through a problem by phone, or we can connect via Mobile Device Management (MDM) to resolve the issue remotely.

If the problem can’t be resolved for the end-user remotely, we will manage the return material authorizations (RMAs) to get your device repaired. And in the meantime, we’ll provide a spare devices to keep your business running.

Even experienced companies and staff need a little help now and then with their bar code systems and equipment. That’s why Bar Code Direct has a 24/7 Help Desk.

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